The healthcare space is under enormous pressure, and only one thing is certain in this climate: cutting costs is a business imperative.

With its teleservices skill, technology services, and marketing execution, Triton allows healthcare companies to focus on what they do best and achieve new levels of efficiency, without having to invest in hardware/software or staff resources.

Top healthcare solutions and applications include:

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call services from Triton include interactive access methods ranging from basic touch-tone phones to Automated Speech Recognition (ASR).  IVR is used by healthcare companies to help offset the cost of providing office locator and directions, account information retrieval, information requests, billing inquiries, automated surveys, and prospective patient/client follow-up.

Triton’s Outbound Dialer and Broadcast Messaging service provides an effective means for organizations to deliver outbound messages quickly. The many healthcare uses include appointment reminders, billing follow-up, patient instruction reminders, and medical test status updates.

Triton also offers healthcare companies unmatched Outbound and Inbound Call Services via its highly respected U.S.-based call centers. Bringing its long heritage with inbound direct response calls to every client, Triton’s educated and highly skilled service reps are uniquely qualified to relate to your clients and patients, and convert callers into sales and appointments, when appropriate. Applications for healthcare companies include appointment setting and reminders, information retrieval, billing inquiries/reminders, patient outreach, order status inquiries/updates, and more.

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