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The IT supply chain is often complex and involves multiple touch points. As B2B business development specialists, Triton Technologies provides the people, tools, data and strategies that are proven to get results for your business. Triton helps technology companies realize new levels of efficiency and value, by streamlining processes and maximizing the opportunities at each step.

From manufacturers to distributors to resellers, we allow IT clients to focus on what they do best, while capitalizing on the benefits of Triton’s teleservices skill, technology services, and marketing execution. Outsourcing to Triton’s highly qualified, U.S.-based sales reps allows you to identify your most productive channel partners and prospects, without having to invest in hardware/software or staff resources.

Are there programs you’d like to use with business partners, but you don’t have the bandwidth internally? Capture incremental revenue and supply chain value by working with Triton as your outsourced B2B business development team.

Triton solutions include everything from event support (attracting attendees, post-event follow-ups, etc.) to setting appointments for your sales force – it can all be handled by Triton, helping you increase efficiency and drive revenue.

Learn more about outsourcing your B2B business development to us, and Contact Us for strategic consulting advice on what Triton can do for your company.