Career FAQ

Career FAQ

What are the benefits?

  • For full time employees, we offer medical and dental insurance after 90 days of employment.  Partial employee paid/partial employer paid.
  • We also offer life insurance/disability at no cost to employee.
  • Earned time off (ETO) which accrues monthly to be used towards vacation and/or sick time
  • Bereavement Pay
  • Jury Duty Pay
  • Direct deposit option
  • Referral bonuses
  • Discount gym membership


Can you work extra hours?

Yes, when there are gaps, i.e., not enough agents to answer the amount of calls coming in, we will ask if agents would like to work extra hours.


Is there a cap on the commissions?

No, there is no cap on commissions.


How do the At-Home opportunities work?

Agents must work 3 months and meet certain sales and compliance goals and criteria’s. If they meet the goals and criteria’s after 3 months, they can request, in writing, to be an At-Home agent. Once they become an At-Home agent, they may only have to come into the office for one (8) hour shift per week.


How long has Triton been in business?

Triton opened in 2001 and we now have two call centers, one in Mansfield, MA and one in Phoenix, AZ (Phoenix opened in 2009).


How many people are employed there?

We have approximately 300 employees.


What is the base pay?

Compensation is variable depending on commissions earned, but each agent is guaranteed at least minimum wage for all hours worked.  The majority of our agents make $12-$15 per hour with our best agents consistently earing $20+ per hour.


What qualities are you looking for in an employee?

Great communication skills Basic computer skills Dependability A results-oriented attitude Prior sales or call center experience.


Do you have a lot of turn around with employees?

We do have our fair share of turn around however, our turn around rate is relatively low compared to other call centers. Our employees are happy and really enjoy working for Triton.


Is there advancement opportunity?

Triton is constantly growing in many different areas and we are looking for individuals to grow with us.